Whey Protein Types You should Know About

Whey Protein is one of the best complete sources of protein available for athletes, body builders or fitness enthusiasts to meet their protein requirements. Whey Protein is obtained from completely natural sources and is easy to digest by the body. If you’re looking for a product to help you satisfy your daily protein requirements, this is the product for you. Whey Protein helps to increase muscle mass, and muscle growth and recovery and helps build lean muscles. Whey Protein is available for you in 3 main types.

Types of Whey Protein

Whey Concentrate

Whey Protein concentrate is a quality high protein supplement created by separating major of the carbohydrates and fat content.

Whey Protein Concentrate is widely available and affordable as compared to other protein products. With a fair amount of carbs and fat, it helps provides an overall nutritional profile.

There are many Whey Concentrate products widely available. You can go for GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein, which is a perfect blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. GNC Whey Protein is available in several delicious flavour options and quantity options so you get the flexibility of choosing the appropriate GNC protein supplement as per your need.

Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is nothing but a more refined and filtered form of Whey Protein concentrate. This Whey Isolate is very helpful for weight loss and increased lean muscle mass. The Whey Isolate formula is almost 97% lactose-free, so lactose-Intolerant consumers will have no problems with this powder.

There are many Whey Protein Isolate powders available in the market. GNC AMP Pure Isolate is a very popular choice of Whey Protein Isolate supplement. GNC Whey Protein comes loaded with 25g pure whey protein isolate per serving with 5g BCAAs per serving to help with quick recovery post workout sessions.

Whey hydrolysed

Hydrolyzed Protein is an ultra-pure form of Whey Protein, which contains the Whey Protein broken down into several small components. This Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is absorbed into the body very fast and provides instantaneous nutrition delivery to muscles.

Hydrolysed Whey has a Superior bioavailability, which means that the Protein is very easily absorbed into the body. Hydrolyzed whey Provides fast release of amino acids to the muscles, enhancing muscle recovery post workout.

GNC AMP 100% Whey Protein Advanced is one of the most popular whey protein hydrolysate supplements available.

Apart of these 3 types of Whey Protein products, there are some other types also available in the market. Please find them below.

Other types of Whey Protein

Whey Blend

A Whey Protein Blend can provide a blend of different whey Protein supplements to give you the advantages of all. Whey Protein blends might also combine a Whey Protein type with other forms of Protein.

As they contain a blend of Whey Proteins, they are comparatively cheaper as opposed to other forms of Whey Protein. Through a Whey blend, you can obtain an overall complete nutritional component of Whey Protein.

GNC offers some high-quality Whey Protein Blends such as Dymatize Elite 100 Whey Protein or Absolute Nutrition Whey Protein Powder 100% Premium Whey Blend.

Raw Whey

Raw Whey Protein supplement is the one that undergoes the least amount of processing and refinement. Derived directly from whey with minimal filtration at a low temperature, it contains a certain amount of fat and carbohydrates. However, it also contains a significant amount of minerals, peptides, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory factors. It is the most natural form of whey protein you can consume.

Being least processed, this Protein powder is as close to natural state as possible. It is also packed with many minerals, vitamins and compounds for overall body health. Being least processed, it is also cheaper than other Whey Proteins.

You can find Pure good quality Raw Whey products on GNC like Big Muscles Raw and Real Whey and Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Raw.

Grass-Fed Whey

Grass-Fed Whey is a new age Whey Protein supplement made from milk obtained from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed cows are raised on organic lands and are only fed natural, plant-based food. This means that the products derived from their milk have higher levels of immune-boosting compounds.  Moreover, Organic farming is very beneficial for the environment. Grass-fed cows are also fed through rotational grazing, which further improves soil quality and nutrition.

GNC offers a completely natural Grass-fed Whey Protein powder – IN2 Whey Protein Concentrate Grass-Fed.

Benefits Of Whey proteins

  • Whey proteins are a source of the purest form of proteins for the body. They are high quality intake in the form of supplements when you are looking to build your muscles.
  • Whey protein supplements are fast acting and are therefore best suited for post-workout consumption for best results. You can consume them in the form of shakes and smoothies or add themt o your desserts.
  • They help with muscle growth and buildup. Proteins are the building blocks of our body. If you are looking for a sculpted look with when formed muscles, you cannot ignore whey protein supplements.
  • Whey proteins also aid muscle repair and recovery from fatigue caused by excessive workout.
  • Whey protein supplements help with weight loss as they are pure protein sources that do not contain any fats or carbohydrates. Therefore, they help the body stay satiated for long and prevent the urge to binge eat. Thus, they are great to help one stay in shape.